December 12, 2005

Discover Financial Services Partners With Exante Financial Services To Issue Financial Health Account Cards On The Discover® Network

RIVERWOODS, Ill (December 12, 2005) Discover Financial Services LLC, a business unit of Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MWD), today announced that it has partnered with Exante Financial Services and its affiliate Exante Bank, business units of UnitedHealth Group, Inc. (NYSE: UNH), to issue the Exante financial health account cards on the Discover® Network.

The companies are piloting a program that will provide certain Morgan Stanley employees with a debit card that can be used on the Discover Network to pay for eligible health care and dependent care expenses from their Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Building on this program, which will begin in 2006, both Discover and Exante anticipate expanding card access to the Discover Network to a broader group of consumers and across multiple types of accounts.

Exante's financial health account card works like any debit or stored value card currently used on the Discover Network. Consumers enrolled in the pilot program will swipe their cards at participating merchant and provider locations that accept Discover Network cards to pay for eligible health care services, prescriptions, medical equipment and child care.

“We are pleased to partner with Exante to help deploy electronic and card-based payment solutions that will simplify the financing and payment of health care and support the growth of health care savings programs,” said Roger Hochschild, president and chief operating officer, Discover Financial Services LLC.

About Discover Financial Services LLC
Discover Financial Services LLC, a business unit of Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MWD), operates the Discover® Card with more than 50 million Cardmembers, the Discover Network with more than 4 million merchant and cash access locations and the PULSE® ATM/debit network currently service over 4,100 banks, credit unions and savings institutions. For more information, visit, or

About Exante Financial Services
Exante Financial Services, in conjunction with its affiliate Exante Bank, Inc. (jointly referred to as “Exante”) is focused on enhancing and serving the health care financial needs of insurers, benefits administrators, consumers and health care professionals. Exante offers Health Savings Accounts, card technology and a host of electronic solutions. Exante Bank, Inc., member FDIC, is a Utah-state chartered industrial bank located in Salt Lake City, chartered in July 2003 by UnitedHealth Group. Exante provides comprehensive consumer health financial services capabilities to 16 independent health administrators in addition to UnitedHealth Group and its operating businesses. Together, these clients represent over 700,000 accounts managed by Exante.

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